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[sticky post]Past SPN convention pics [updated in Oct2015]

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Click to enlarge sample pics before download, some of my early con pics were terrible quality...

(the white button is for download.)

If you can't download...I can't do anything either because this is the only place I can find to store such large files while most overseas fans have relatively little problem download *cries*


OK all uploaded. Let me know which link doesn't work, I will try to fix it as best as I can!


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Happy New Year!
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Red Hood figures! Two at a time :D
I ordered the comic version at Taobao and bought the game version at the new orleans comic con. both are very good!


Happy New Year!
Wish all my friends have a happy Monkey's year!


Wizard World Comic Con - NOLA|Cap3 Panel pics
Hiiiii I'm still alive! Couldn't log in on LJ for some unknown reason so I stayed away for a while, but today when I tried again, it works!
In case LJ kicks me out again I'm also on twitter (eeecat) and facebook (Elsie Chen) couldn't be online very often but I will check FB and Twitter from time to time

Don't have much time to write about my recent life (and not much to write - I was just working, working, working very hard and still working _(:з」∠)_)

Anyway I've got some new pics for anyone on my flist who might be interested.

I went to the New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con a few weeks ago, small comic con compared with SDCC but very interesting experience. (I still want to go to SDCC but couldn't get the pass, so WW it is...) Went mainly for the Cap3 panel and took some pics, I will just put them for download

Download link


Miss you all my LJ friends! Catch up with you all later - Chinese New Year is next month which means 1 week holiday which means finally enough time for updates! Hopefully LJ won't act up again.

*group hugs*



I'm still alive...but just barely _(:з」∠)_

Remember the position I got promoted, first temporarily, now permanently?


I've never been so busy before, dealing with a thousand things at the same time, and those are things I've never met before! My brain often short cut then I totally forgot what I should do...

Whats more, my staff got into so many and so terrible trouble that I feel like I'm always wiping their a$$ (sorry for my language...)

Worst: I can't take leave now!?!?

I'm so doomed

BTW, Matt Damon is adorable :D
(what? I said my brain often short cut!)


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One of our managers left so one technical advisor got promoted to that role

That leaves one vacancy and I got promoted to permanent technical advisor


I'm so nervous because I will go to a team that I've never worked with and know very little about

And their work involves lots of math stuff, and my math is TERRIBLE

Cross my fingers that I won't mess up...

OMGOMGOMG so nervous



1104 Baby






One of the best in years!

It's so season 1, with the weekly monster story, funny gory fighting scene (I laughed so hard at Dean VS Deputy!), a little link to the main story arc, tons of hints (young John? Michael? God? Who???), brotherly moment (I almost cried at the bitch/jerk), and, home. Family. What got me watching 10 years ago and still holding on now.  I almost cried for bitch/jerk, almost cried at the two times baby finally purred to life, and I totally cried at the ending scene where the brothers drove their little broken home away (OK I cried again when I wrote this. Guess I'm getting old and sentimental...)

But writers. Pls pls fix baby in next episode, I don't think I can stand to see her broken one more time...poor baby _(:з」∠)_

Oh I the only one that couldn't concentrate on things other Jensen? I have to watch several times to get everything because he's just. uh. very distracting. I can't stop myself from screencapping him....

One of my fav scenes, she's such a beauty

And, of course this

I haven't felt this intrigued and excited for watching SPN for years. I can watch it 10 more years if it keep on like this...well who am I lying to, I'd watch SPN as long as it's on.

Last pic - baby and the boys. It's home.

Beautiful weather today
Took a walk around at noon


LOL he definitely should be a cat
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