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[sticky post]Past SPN convention pics

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  • credit is love

Click to enlarge sample pics before download, some of my early con pics were terrible quality...

(the white button is for download.)

If you can't download...I can't do anything either because this is the only place I can find to store such large files while most overseas fans have relatively little problem download *cries*


OK all uploaded. Let me know which link doesn't work, I will try to fix it as best as I can!


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2014 Dallascon Photos Part 2
- feel free to make fanart or re-upload
- credit would be appreciated

All pics are 3000x2000 or 2500x1666 size. Mainly Jensen and Jared, a little of other guests

Part 2 of J2 Panel
117pix 82mb

Part 3 of J2 Panel
231pix 169mb

Plus 18pix from J2 coming on stage to say goodbye to fans after autograph session, kinda blurry, download if you don't mind!
18pix 12mb

Sample pics


2014 Dallascon J2 Breakfast panel & panel Part 1
- feel free to use as fanart or re-upload
- credit would be appreciated

Breakfast panel

Download link:
Size: 2500x1666 197pix 110mb

J2 Panel Part 1
Download link:
Size: 3000x2000/2500x1666 230pix 160mb

Sample pic

I'm working on the rest of the pics, and if you need other guests pic (which I don't think I'd have time to sort out) please leave a comment, thx!

Tips for download please refer to this POST

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Jensen why are you so dreamy WHY


DallasCon J2 Videos
Dallascon vids by Sherry

Originally posted by nikolaschika at DallasCon J2 Videos

I promised my friend last year that I would go the Dallas Con with her together. So, it's my first DallasCon experience! We went to NYC first for the SHIELD exhibition, and flight to Dallas together. The weather in Dallas was almost identical with my hometown in China--so hot and humid!! My ticket was original a preferred seat ticket, as I really couldn't afford another gold...However, one of our friends had some work emergency and couldn't go. So I got her gold seat, which allowed me to attend the gold panel. So here you are, enjoy :)

Gold Panel:

J2 Panel

Back home now
...And back to work. Having a headache now. Not happy. I need more sleep!


VanCon 2014 J2 Photos
Thanks Sherry and Cifi!

Originally posted by nikolaschikaat VanCon 2014 J2 Photos
Thanks for my friend Cifi who has taken some amazing photos on VanCon. I helped her edit some of them and uploaded onto Flickr.
Fanarts are welcome. Credit would be appreciated.

J2 breakfast

J2 Panel:

VanCon Photo Ops

Originally posted by nikolaschika at VanCon Photo Ops
So last year elsiecat and another of our friend came up with a photo op post, which comes out of Cartoon "Dragon Ball". We only planned to do the second one since it's the most popular and classic one, but my two amazing friends this year, Rita and Cifi, who went to Vancon with me together, are willing to shot the other two posts so that we had the whole set!! It's just such a coincidence that Osric cosplayed the main Character in Dragon Ball on Friday as well. Anyways I loved the pictures and we had a great time shooting them and a really good laugh.

Can't stop lauging. XDDDDDD

Vancon gifs

Not sure why I can't see the gifs in Sherry's post after shared it on LJ, I will have to post it here...

All credit to nikolaschika


Vancon Videos
Originally posted by nikolaschika at Vancon Videos
Originally posted by nikolaschika at Vancon Videos
Compete J2 Breakfast:

Compete J2 Panel

I apologize for the poor audio... hope you enjoy!
Used for fanvid or gifs are welcomed. Credit would be appreciated.

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