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[sticky post]Past SPN convention pics

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Click to enlarge sample pics before download, some of my early con pics were terrible quality...

(the white button is for download.)

If you can't download...I can't do anything either because this is the only place I can find to store such large files while most overseas fans have relatively little problem download *cries*


OK all uploaded. Let me know which link doesn't work, I will try to fix it as best as I can!


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2014 JIB5 Friday&Saturday Misha Panel, Jared&Misha Panel, misc
OK this is the last batch...I totally forgot to post Jared&Misha Panel and on request I've edited two panels of Misha

- feel free to share/make fanart
- I'd appreciate for credit

How to download: refer to my first JIB5 post

Jared & Misha Panel
Password: atbx

Friday Misha Panel
Password: xpj0

Saturday Misha Panel
Password: p5cg

A few pics of other guests e.g. Osric, Ty
Password: 08wd

Sample Pics:


2014 JIB5 JensenMisha Panel

The last batch of my JIB5 pics. Note most of the pics are Jensen, with a few Misha and other guests.

See my first JIB5 post of how to download

Download link:
Password: lnj8

- feel free to share/edit
- I'd appreciate if you credit me

Sample pic


2014 JIB5 Sunday Jensen Panel
Sunday Jensen panel pics. Two more panels to go!

For instruction of download, please see my first JIB5 post HERE

Download Link:
Password: i12y

Sample pic


2014 JIB5 J2 Panel and Sunday Jared Panel pics
The 2nd batch of my JIB pics

(tips for download pls see my 1st JIB5 pic post HERE)

Sunday Jared Panel pics
Download link:
Password: shg1

Saturday J2 Panel pics
Download link:
Password: m0tr

Sample pics:


2014 JIB5 Saturday Opening & Jensen Panel Pics
My new camera is not good for me. Or I'm not good for the new camera. Anyway, I'm not very happy with my JIB pics but since several friends asked, I decided to at least sort out the J2 related pics.

- feel free to share/make fanart
- credit would be appreciated


Open the download link you will see below page. Copy&paste the password then click the blue button

Click the rectangle white button for download

you will see below page, click the white one, the download should start.

Opening ceremony

Saturday Jensen Panel

Sample pic

I'm baaaaack!
Actually I arrived Beijing Tuesday midnight, but didn't have time for LJ until now, Friday evening~yay!

For my flisters that didn't know - I went to JIB con then UK for a 2 weeks holiday. Very tired, was lost for like, a thousand times while traveling in London and Wales but overall had a wonderful  time, took a ton of photos and had lots of great experiences!

Now it's the dreadful time of sorting out photos...reliving the fun time was great but my god all the work! *sigh*

Several people asked me whether I'm going to post my JIB5 photos. Sorry I didn't reply you, I was using my phone while in UK for internet and for some unknown reason I can only view LJ but not posting or replying PM. I think I'm going to buy a new phone, this one gives me enough headache! Anyway, about JIB photos, I'm still not sure because I was using a new camera and I don't really like the photos I took this time. Give me a few days to think it over. And if I decided to edit them, it would probably take another week, not sure if anyone would be interested in them anymore.

OK back to editing, my colleagues was demanding my photos from UK, I'd better hurry! :D

A few pics of my UK trip


Soccer Aid

mrsr58 hehehehe

Milford Haven

(no subject)
Anyone who's going to the Jason Manns concert after JIB5? I have no idea how to get to that club from airport....

Fly to Rome in 1 hour, very nervous!

(no subject)
Today I know why I cannot reply or post on LJ.

Because the computer in my office has banned LJ and I can only view it. I will have to use my slowwww home computer for LJ...

I'm so sorry for my late (or none) reply


(no subject)
Red carpet is horrible, I've never seen so many crazy fans in my life! I definitely prefer our little SPN conventions...
But. The celebrities are so nice...


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